Custom Built Viper Dodge Torque Converters For:

Most Early Torque Flight

Dodge Dakota Pick-Up





2500-3500 Trucks
And many more!

  • 9.5" Non Lock-Up TF-727, TF-904
  • 2400-6000 RPM's with Sprag or Spragless
  • 9.5" Lock-Up A500, A518 NON Lock-Up Only
    2400-6000 RPM"s
  • Includes the 1/4-inch adapter/spacer plate that is needed to install the 9 1/2-inch converter.
  • 9.5” 2-Plate Lock-Up 722.6
  • 2400-6000 RPM’s
  • 9.5” 3-Plate Lock-Up 722.6
  • 2400-6000 RPM’s
  • 13” Multi-Disc Lock-Up Cummins
    Street, Towing, Race



A518 NON Lock-Up Only

Precision Industries custom Dodge torque converters increases horsepower and torque. The specially-designed converter provides a gain of 40-50 horsepower to the rear wheels due to increased torque multiplication. If you’re looking for maximum performance and efficiency in your Dodge Charger or Magnum, Precision Industries Viper converter is sure to deliver.

Our Dodge diesel torque converter is designed to deliver high efficiency and maximum towing capacity. PI’s converters come backed with a 5-year warranty and one free stall adjustment within the first two years of purchase.

With years of experience in the torque converter manufacturing industry, Precision Industries delivers exceptional products, and our interest is in helping you achieve maximum vehicle performance.