The Truth About The 9-12 and 9-11 Spaceship Type Converters

All late model transmissions regardless of make have a clutch in the torque converter. Precision Industries was the first performance torque converter company to design and successfully manufacture a small diameter clutch assembly that would survive the abuses of high performance late model vehicles. Read More


The Truth About Dynamometer Readings and High Stall Torque Converters

There is a misconception and a lot of misinformation about the poor vehicle performance numbers that are generated by testing a car with a high stall torque converter on a dynamometer. Most people that are not familiar with how a torque converter operates will automatically think that the torque converter is inefficient. Read More


The Truth About Torque Converter Prices

When talking about high performance street car torque converters a subject that is talked about a lot is price. The people who like low prices make statements like "You get a lot of bang for the buck". The people who will pay more make statements like "You only get what you pay for". Read More


The Truth About Warranty and Quote

Over the past couple of years a number of torque converter rebuilders as well as some "Johnny come lately" start up converter rebuilders have entered the high performance street car torque converter market. Both the existing and new companies have tried to get in this segment of the market before only to fail due to the drastic differences between racecar torque converters and high performance street torque converters. Read More


The Truth About Stall Torque Ratio

STR has been talked and argued about for many years. The following information is what we at Precision Industries have found by doing our own testing to be helpful for you to try to understand this subject. Our competitors must have a crystal ball to figure the STR of their torque converters. Read More