Precision Industries builds and ships out custom-made high stall torque converters for racing, performance, and car enthusiasts all over the world. We are known for our high quality work, our personalized customer service and our high performance custom torque converters. The difference between PI and our competitors is always apparent on the racetrack and on the road. Everything from start to finish is built to order so that PI can give you the best products the industry offers.

If you’re looking to buy a torque converter replacement, then you already know the importance behind equipping your vehicle with only the highest quality parts. For a new torque converter that will continue to service your automatic transmission for years to come, you’ll need to be sure to order from only the best manufacturers. Ordering anything other than a Precision Industries manufactured converter will give you no guarantee of quality or results.

Here at Precision Industries, we’ve made it easy for you to decide which high performance torque converter is right for you and your vehicle. Below we’ve listed premium brands of high quality torque converters to ensure that you won’t need to find a replacement any time soon. Take some time and browse our selection until you find the equipment that is best for you and your vehicle.



The Vigilante

Precision Industries offers the Vigilante for GM vehicles. The PI Vigilante is our most popular line of torque converters

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The Stallion

The Stallion torque converter is available for most Ford automatic transmission equipped vehicles with lock-up and non lock-up applications.
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The Viper

For Dodge vehicles, Precision Industries offers the Viper Torque Converter Series.
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The Dragon

The Dragon Torque Converter Series is available for Toyota Lexus, Toyota Supra, Nissan, Infiniti, and other import cars.
Diesel Trucks
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